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A geographic information system (GIS) is a technology that is used to view and analyze data from a geographic perspective. GIS is a computer-based data collection, storage, and analysis tool that combines information into easily understood maps. The development of an enterprise GIS enables us to view the spatial aspects of an immense quantity of information by way of querying a database and displaying the results on a map.


The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been collaborating with various agencies within Newark to develop an enterprise GIS capable of serving the many information needs of the City and its residents. NEWGIN, the Newark Geographic Information Network, brings this cutting edge GIS technology to the City of Newark. The OMB citywide implementation of GIS combines technology, resources, and information on a common platform to meet all of Newark's spatial information needs.

NEWGIN Headlines
GIS Awareness Day 2013 at Rutgers University! Featuring a series of lightning talks, posters, refreshments & networking opportunities...all about maps! Talks will cover such topics as: Newark downtown revival, mapping NJ's food environments, studying pollination, ecological planning and more! - Nov 20th, 6-8 pm. Rutgers University, IMCS building, Alampi Room (71 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ

NJ Geospatial forum meets Friday December 13th in Trenton. The New Jersey Geospatial Forum (NJGF) is an open organization, encouraging the participation of any individual interested in New Jersey's geospatial industry. We are a group of individuals from many different sectors sharing a common interest in geospatial technologies.


The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  has created the Northeast New Jersey UASI Region to fortify our Nation's efforts for emergency preparedness through increasing availability of information technology and other tactical resources.

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